The Wild Reindeer Council

The Wild Reindeer Council in Norway is a voluntary organisation consisting of most of the wild reindeer boards and wild reindeer committees from all 23 of Norway’s wild reindeer areas. The Wild Reindeer Council works to protect wild reindeer as a species as well as attending to its needs in a long-term perspective.

The board of the Wild Reindeer Council is composed of five representatives and it employs a secretary/treasurer in a 25 per cent position, and an editor for the yearbook, ‘Villreinen’.


The Wild Reindeer Council produces the yearbook Villreinen, which has been published every year since 1986. Many of the articles in Villreinen are as relevant today as they were when they were first published. See an overview of all publications.

The Wild Reindeer Council 2009-2011:

Conductor: Øystein Landsgård, Norefjell-Reinsjøfjell (utvalg),, Phone: +47 915 22 915

Stig Aaboen, Ottadalen

Jørn Howlid, Blefjell

Anne Jupskås, Setesdal Austhei

Magne Torvetjønn, Hardangervidda