Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre South, Skinnarbu

The centre is in a beautiful location at an altitude of 1,000 metres, between the Hardangervidda National Park and the Brattefjell-Vindeggen conservation area.

The Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre South is located at Skinnarbu in Tinn municipality. It has been established in the premises of Hardangervidda Nasjonalparksenter AS. Hardangervidda Nasjonalparksenter AS is working on financing a state-of-the-art exhibition in the building. The Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre South has eight to nine workstations available and it offers other players an opportunity to collocate in order to create a shared scientific environment. We also have concrete plans to develop the outdoor area, with our teaching and guidance tasks particularly in mind. In addition to the four permanent employees, there are currently two research fellows and two Norwegian Nature Inspectorate employees working at the centre.