Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre North, Hjerkinn

A plan for the long-term development of the centre is in progress. This development will include both the old buildings and the landscape around them. The plan will be divided into many phases and can be realised over the course of many years.

The construction of the scientific part of the Wild Reindeer Centre is on schedule, and it now supplies academic material for regional plans that include wild reindeer areas.

The proposal for a wild reindeer centre at Hjerkinn was based on a local initiative by individuals associated with wild reindeer management. The centre has been established in the former administration building of the Hjerkinn artillery range. Temporary alterations were considered to accommodate an office and exhibitions, but this proved too expensive and the building was taken into use in its existing state. In addition to workstations for the centre’s employees, guest workstations have also been set up and work is in progress to develop the building into a good field station for research and education.