Topics: Musk ox

The musk oxen in the Dovrefjell mountains are famous far beyond Norway's borders. Few people visit Dovrefjell without trying to catch a glimpse of them. We can take you on a trip to the musk oxen's habitat. We will look for spoors and learn more about the musk ox. And if we’re lucky we might even see one. Musk oxen may look sweet and gentle, but they can be dangerous if you get too close. We must, therefore, always stay at a safe distance from them - and never go closer than 200 metres.

Nature interpretation on the musk ox is only available from the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre north, Hjerkinn.
The programme is most suitable for visitors on excursions to Dovre, who will be able to explore the habitat and see some musk oxen if they are lucky.


 See the video: Dovrefjell