The policy drawn up by the Directorate for Nature Management (DN) and the Norwegian Nature Inspectorate (SNO) for nature interpretation has served as the basis for the development implemented by nature interpreters at the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre. This also applies to definitions, objectives and target groups. Nature interpretation is subject to continuous development, and the presentations and target groups included are by no means exhaustive.

Nature interpretation is defined as follows:

Nature interpretation is the dissemination of knowledge about nature and the relationships within it, with the objective of promoting insight, respect, commitment and care and consideration for the natural and cultural environment.
Nature interpretation is carried out by one person, the nature guide, whose main task is to give participants direct experiences in nature.

The objective of nature interpretation is to:

  • increase understanding of nature, including biological diversity, environment and culture
  • shed light on the connection between nature and society, by describing man’s ability to influence and change conditions in nature
  • increase interest in recreational and outdoor activities
  • promote interest in natural and cultural issues
  • inspire people to adopt  healthy, viable lifestyles

Main target groups

Three main target groups have been identified on the basis of the political and administrative guidelines in the White Papers on outdoor recreation, nature conservation and environmental protection and the strategic documents prepared on nature guidance by the Directorate for Nature Management (DN) and the Norwegian Nature Inspectorate (SNO):

  • Children, young people and teachers in the school system
  • Visitors to National Park Centres and other nature information centres
  • Clubs, organisations and the business sector

Emphasis on the different target areas will vary depending on geographical location and where the nature interpreters work.