Nature interpretation

Through nature interpretation, we can pass on knowledge about nature and the relationships within it. The objective is to promote insight, respect, commitment and care and consideration for the natural and cultural environment.

The nature interpreters at the two wild reindeer centres – Heidi, Espen, Tina and Brita – are employed by the Norwegian Nature Inspectorate (SNO). The nature interpretation provide information, guidance and tuition, focusing on educational institutions, from lower secondary schools to universities and university colleges. We can, however, offer courses/ tuition/ interpretation to other interested parties.
We offer educational programmes to schools, which we are more than happy to develop in collaboration with the school in question. Tuition can target students or teachers. The programmes must be based on the Knowledge Promotion (Kunnskapsløftet) curriculum, so that courses will help students reach some of the specified competence aims.
We want students to gain knowledge and skills through good and direct outdoor experiences, in which the camp fire plays a key role. We can also offer indoor interpretation if this is requested.
The wild reindeer act as an environmental barometer of the mountains, and its adaptability to the harsh mountain climate make it particularly exciting and interesting. The wild reindeer’s biology, habitat use and the challenges it faces are some of the topics covered. We look at this in a wider perspective, in which man’s way of life and the hunting of reindeer throughout history plays a natural part.
We can also cover topics such as other animals, birds, Quaternary geology, cultural history, national parks and other protected areas.

You are welcome to come to us or we can come to you. Our interpretation comes free of charge!

Get in touch!

Nature interpreters at the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre North, Hjerkinn in Dovre:

Heidi Ydse
Phone: +47 950 87 204

Espen Rusten
Phone: +47 905 31 307

Nature interpreters at the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre South, Skinnarbu by the Møsvann lake:

Tina Dahl
Phone:  +47 991 10 141

Brita Homleid Lohne
Phone:  +47 993 62 623